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About Hannah

Hannah is a passionate worship leader, songwriter and musician. She was born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta and is currently working full time in missions with YWAM and the House of Prayer located in her home city. She has been singing since she was very little and has been pursuing her dream of singing and songwriting since she was a little girl. Her biggest passion is leading people in worship to behold the Father in His beauty. "If I can take them with me to the feet of Jesus, I will feel I've done my part."  Hannah's heart is to serve those around with her gifts and take people closer to the Father's heart.

Heard Her Song?

On April 7th of 2017, Hannah released her very first single "Throne Of My Heart"

"I wrote this song out of a place of deep desperation for God. It's really easy to say that God is number one in your life when everything seems to be going great and you don't "need" Him as much. But when you enter into those dark valleys, the question is, who, or what is really your shepherd? This song is a constant reminder that God should be first. He should be on the throne of my heart."

New Project

Hannah is recording her very first EP. She has been in the works of this project for a while and will be recording soon! See more details by clicking her "Go Fund Me" tab above in the menu. 

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New Project

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Throne of My heart

"If there was one thing I could pick for people to get out of this song, it would be that they would see the Father for who He really is. He's kind, He's gentle, and ultimately He's really good."

Story behind "Throne of My Heart"


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